Episode Seventeen: Geraldine Hickey and Shantel Wetherall

It’s Sisteria LIVE! Comedian Geraldine Hickey and Hey Aunty! podcast host Shantel Wetherall join us on the eve of International Women’s Day for our Season Two finale. The team covers everything from earning a living as a creative to the Australian comedy sisterhood, as well as tackling a special bonus Arrogant Aunt question about starting your own podcast. 

March 8, 2019

Episode Fifteen: Kristy Dickinson

Kristy Dickinson is putting what she wants to say out into the world, one earring at a time. The Wiradjuri designer and self-described ‘Queen of Bling’ joins us to talk the complexities of letting people in to help with the creative process, and why she’s determined to reclaim being a ‘dizzy mole’.

February 10, 2019