Episode Thirteen: Gemma Flack

January 27, 2019

Gemma Flack is marking their body in their own way (and thinks you should consider it, too). The artist, zine maker and musician joins to talk the weird and wonderful world of tattooing culture, drawing on paper vs. inking on flesh, and the importance of making things with your hands.

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Gemma Flack is an artist, zinemaker, musician and hand poked tattoo artist. They make work about cute and angry femmes; exploring themes of identity, vulnerability, feminism, gender, mental health, queerness, self-discovery, and coming to terms with the concept of existing as a human. Their work reflects inspirations from zine culture, street fashion, punk & DIY aesthetics, selfies & internet culture, body positivity, intersectional politics, girls taking selfies in their bedrooms, girls making music, girls making art, and really, girls taking over the world.