Episode Seventeen: Geraldine Hickey and Shantel Wetherall

March 8, 2019

It’s Sisteria LIVE! Comedian Geraldine Hickey and Hey Aunty! podcast host Shantel Wetherall join us on the eve of International Women’s Day for our Season Two finale. The team covers everything from earning a living as a creative to the Australian comedy sisterhood, as well as tackling a special bonus Arrogant Aunt question about starting your own podcast. 

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Geraldine Hickey is a comedian, broadcaster and actor. Her unselfconcious charm and superb skill for finding the funny in true stories has seen her described as a ‘deceptively cheery dame who’ll quietly take out your innards’. She’s the co-host of Melbourne community broadcaster RRR’s Breakfasters and a stalwart of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. She’s appeared on multiple comedy galas and on Get Krackin’, How to Stay Married and Sammy J’s Democratic Party.

Shantel Wetherall is the producer and presenter of Hey Aunty!, a podcast that shares fireside chats with black women, fems and non-binary siblings who’ve been there. Since launching in 2018 the podcast has reached thousands of listens, sold out an inaugural live show and been shortlisted as a 2019 Frankie Good Stuff Awards Finalist. Shantel is a new broadcasting talent with disarming curiosity and a passion for untold stories. She’s a Sister of British/Belizean heritage and West African ancestry and has been living as a grateful guest on Kulin Land for almost 10 years. Shantel is also a law grad with an ongoing career in HR, borne of a lifelong passion for understanding people. Touched by the power of Solange in 2018, Shantel hasn’t looked back since.