Episode Fifteen: Kristy Dickinson

February 10, 2019

Kristy Dickinson is putting what she wants to say out into the world, one earring at a time. The Wiradjuri designer and self-described ‘Queen of Bling’ joins us to talk the complexities of letting people in to help with the creative process, and why she’s determined to reclaim being a ‘dizzy mole’.

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Kristy Dickinson is a Wiradjuri designer and self-described ‘Queen of Bling’ who has been making jewellery for over 18 years. In 2015 she started her business Haus of Dizzy, specializing in bright, oversized statement jewellery pieces incorporating elements of female empowerment and pride in her Indigenous heritage, and worn by the likes of Miranda Tapsell, Nakkiah Lui and Dan Sultan. The range is stocked in stores throughout Australia, including at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum Victoria, and overseas in America’s cult fashion store, Dolls Kill. Through her pieces, Kristy shines a light on political, Queer, Indigenous, environmental and feminist issues.